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How to Apply for an Exemption from the Washington State LTC Trust

Please note that we are an independent entity that is not affiliated with the WA Cares Fund. We have created this stey-by-step guide to help consumers easily opt out of the WA State LTC Trust if they qualify for an exemption. If you have any problems applying for the exemption, please contact the state directly as we are not liable for any issues with exemption applications.


WA Cares Fund contact information:

Helpful Hint: High traffic is causing some users to experience delays and time-outs with their exemption accounts. Consumers are encouraged to access their WA Cares account during off-hours, later in the evenings or earlier in the mornings for best results. 


Step 1:
Go to If you already have a SAW (Secure Access Washington) account, log in using your username

and password. Skip to Step 3.
If you do not have a SAW account, click the Sign Up! button and continue to Step 2.



Step 2:

Create a SAW account by filling in the information listed above and click Create my account. You will receive a confirmation email with a verification link. You will need to click the verification link before being able to log in to your account.



Step 3:

After logging in, click the Add a New Service button.



Step 4:

Click the I would like to browse a list of services by agency option.



Step 5:

Scroll down until you find Employment Security Department and click on it.



Step 6:

Look for PAID FAMILY AND MEDICAL LEAVE (PFML) and hit the APPLY button.



Step 7:

You will have the above message pop up on your screen. Click the OK button. You will be redirected to your home menu.



 Step 8:

Once redirected to your home page, click the Access Now button.


Step 9:

Click the CONTINUE button. You will be redirected to the ESD website to apply for the exemption.



Step 10:

Scroll down until you see WA Cares Exemption. Click the Create an Account button.



Step 11:

Enter in all the required information above and click the NEXT button.



Step 12:

Confirm that all of your information listed is correct and click the SUBMIT button.



Step 13:

After submitting your information, you will have a Customer ID showing on your screen. Click the HOME button to continue to the next step. 



Step 14:

Click Apply for an Exemption to continue to the next step.



Step 15:

Enter in Your age and click to check off each of the boxes under By submitting my application for an exemption, I attest that I: and all of the boxes under

I understand that: then click NEXT



Step 16:

You will need to upload a Proof of identity document such as a copy of a valid driver license. After you choose the file, click the Upload button. If you are uploading more than one document, you will need to choose the file and then click upload for each document separately.



Step 17:

After clicking Upload you will see the document(s) that you uploaded listed. After you have uploaded all relevant documents, click the Next button.



Step 18:

You will receive a message that confirms your application for exemption has been received. To make sure it is complete, click the Home button.



Step 19:

By returning to the home screen, you can confirm that you have submitted your application for exemption by checking the Application Status section.



Next Steps:

ESD will review your application and notify you if you’re eligible for an exemption from WA Cares coverage.


If your application is approved:

You’ll get an exemption approval letter from ESD, at which point you’ll be:

  • Expelled from the program with no option to re-enroll. 
  • Disqualified from accessing WA Cares benefits in your lifetime. 
  • Required to present your exemption approval letter to all current and future employers. If you fail to present your ESD approval letter, employers will withhold non-refundable WA Cares premiums. 

Exemptions will take effect the quarter after your application is approved.