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Washington State Long Term Care Trust Analysis

Important: All Washington State wage earners should review their LTC Trust costs and options by September 1, 2021 to qualify for an exemption. Follow the process below to calculate your costs and options, then complete the form to begin the opt-out process.

Step 1:

Calculate your State Trust costs compared to private insurance to
decide if opting out is right for you.

Rates shown are for illustration purposes. Final rate will be determined based on coverage and eligibility. 


Understand Your Options

What is the Washington State Long Term Care Trust?

Beginning January 1, 2022, all non-exempt workers in Washington State will begin paying .58% of their pay into a trust to provide basic long term care services to qualified state residents. There are no caps to how much you pay into the trust. As your income goes up, the amount you pay into the trust increases.

How do I qualify for an exemption from the State Long Term Care Trust?

Anyone who holds a private long term care insurance policy when the law goes into effect can apply for an exemption to the .58% tax. Many residents, especially those who are younger or have a higher income, will see equal or better coverage benefits than the trust at the same cost.

How do I determine if I should remain in the trust or acquire private insurance?

Complete the anonymous assessment above to see an immediate comparison of trust costs and benefits compared to private insurance costs and benefits.